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Primary & Secondary Diversity

Cultural Fluency, Sensitivity Skills & Inclusion We are all diverse. This truth is a doorway through which everyone can understand differentness. This helps us to ... Continue Reading →

Diversity & Inclusion: Glynis Ross-Munro

The Tampa Bay Business Journal met with Competency & Performance Solutions President, Glynis Ross-Munro, to discuss CPS’s work in consulting, coaching, and training. Diversity and ... Continue Reading →

Security & P@55w0rds

If you work with computers, smart-phones and credit cards, you are part of the technological world, and you carry the security risks of that world. ... Continue Reading →

Differentness: Asset, Resource & Competitive Advantage

Differentness of every kind is an essential asset in a multicultural, innovative world. Diversity has become a resource along with capital, people, equipment, and data. ... Continue Reading →