Seniors: a (real) case study of mixing business knowledge with community needs.

Tampa Bay Community Network’s program, “Happy & Healthy” with Louise Thompson features organizations in our community that offer services to seniors, their families and caregivers. The website is

The station recently recorded a program featuring Gail Thomas, Co-Organizer of New Tampa Seniors (NTS).  The URL is

The upcoming air dates are

Sunday, February 19 at 7:00 PM on Verizon 30, Bright House Network 950, Comcast 20 and
Thursday, February 23 at 7:00 PM on Verizon 36 and Bright House Network 949
The show may be viewed anytime, anywhere on Youtube.  Here is the link:

This organization was founded by Glynis Ross-Munro of CPS (Competency & Performance Solutions) and is sponsored by CPS. NTS was created some time after Glynis’ father passed away. Her mother had become relatively isolated from years of nursing him but there were no suitable groups for seniors, only dating or church groups.

NTS focuses on building friendships for seniors, and empowering them to work together to enjoy many affordable, fun activities. The group is self-governing and free, sponsored and protected from exploitation by CPS. It has over 40 regular members so far.

Seniors groups work best if they are local, so that seniors do not have long drives, especially at night. NTS is based in the New Tampa area. If anyone is interested in starting a group like this, please contact Glynis Ross-Munro ( for advice. Remember that success creates an on-going need to protect the group from exploitation, so please only contact her if you are committed to free, safe groups for seniors.

(Branding is one thing – exploitation is another)

New members (over 60) are welcome to join NTS at