2014 Strategic Trends

As we hit our stride for this year, there are four, clear issues that face every organization.

  1. The world is mobile,
  2. Cyber/tech security is key,
  3. Markets and teams are multi-cultural,
  4. Success means attracting, developing and retaining good people.

1. The world is  mobile.

Over half of your customers live on their smart phones (in most industries). The number is higher if they are young, Latino, women, other minorities, etc.

Back in the day, an app was a game you played on a phone. Now it is the way people work with your company. If you’re not working with a good application company,  you’re behind the curve.

2. Cyber security is key

Snapchat and Target have been hacked? The NSA is watching? You’re being targeted all the time: it’s systemic, not personal.

It’s everyone’s problem. Strategic management, IT, HR and Training.  Remember that your business consultant should get your IT training at least 50% funded by Workforce resources, because you pay this into the training fun with your taxes every year.

Markets and teams are multi-cultural

In 2014, your best team members and most important customers are more different than ever. Older or younger, browner or paler, speaking more languages, and seeing the world in different ways.

2014 is the year to understand that people don’t see the world as it is; they see the world as they are. Cultural fluency in the name of the game.

Attract, retain and develop good people

“We don’t train because our people will leave if we train them.”  “If people want to grow, they’ll invest their own time in using all the resources on the internet.”

Yeah right.

Visit San Francisco, where companies train like crazy, while installing snack shelves, drinks fridges, bring-your-dog-to-work facilities, and handing out free gym memberships and conference flights. This is your future… it’s happening down the road from you already.

Train, manage, engage, retain. And do the math about what it will cost you if you don’t. The cost of replacing even a mediocre staff member is about one year’s salary for that person. For highly talented, senior or experienced people, replacement costs are closer to four years of salary. That’s for a “buyer’s market”… and it’s becoming a seller’s one.

Last thought: 80% of companies* do a poor or mediocre job of on-boarding new employees. They advertise, test, background check and interview, then throw it away by mishandling the candidate’s transition into the organization. (* email glynis@ c-psolutions.com for the research).  Also email me for an overview of a Buddy onboarding system. Change the game, and see the ROI on your top line revenue and bottom line profits.


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