CPS offers business consulting, usually for three reasons: To resolve problems, to build continuous improvement and/or to take advantage of new opportunities. It is possible that consulting works on all three areas at the same time.

CPS assists clients with assessments, surveys, process improvement, systems improvement, sales systems, mediation, recruitment, interpersonal and culture issues, retention, engagement, innovation, management coaching, M&A integration and other issues.

Consulting work may involve supporting a CEO or working with entire teams of employees. It may be focused on systems or competencies, strategic planning or relationships. It may be short term, or last for a year or more.

The end result is a stronger organization, with a better bottom line, better interactions, processes, procedures, systems, strategies, relationships and communications.

CPS opens doors for our clients to think in new ways, to solve problems creatively and to seize new opportunities, keeping ahead of the curve.

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