Our clients come from three main areas:

  • Smaller companies (often without training departments) that need a range of customized development, training and consulting from our flexible team.
  • Larger companies that need customized development and training. Common choices are culture, inclusion and differentness, soft landings, sales, computer skills, leadership/management and e-writing training.
  • Companies of all sizes that are innovating. These organizations may be experimenting with exporting, entrepreneurship or improving processes, products, services and profitability.

SOME CPS Clients include:
City of St. Petersburg (Surveys, Inclusion & Diversity training for 2000+ people)
Polk County (Diversity, Critical Thinking, Generations)
Hillsborough Hospital Authority & Tampa General Hospital (Multi-Cultural Sales & Supplier Diversity)
Florida Circuit Court Judges (Culture — National and International)

AVSpecialists (Customer Service and Business Acumen Training, Consulting)
Pepin Distributing (Multi-Cultural Sales, Customer Service, IT and Computer Skills)
Tampa Housing Authority (Strategic Leadership, Executive Team Building)
HART/Hillsborough Transit Authority (Diversity, Inclusion, Consulting, Assessments)
Hillsborough County Schools (Interpersonal Skills, Entrepreneurship)
Aetna & Blue Cross Blue Shield (Interpersonal Skills, Critical Thinking, Decisions)
Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. (Consulting)
Deloitte & Touche (Consulting and Training)
Ernst & Young (Writing)

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