• Glynis Ross-Munro
    Glynis Ross-MunroCEO & Lead Instructional Designer

    Glynis is a training, coaching and business consulting specialist with many years of experience in analyzing business issues and creating innovative learning interventions.

    • Bobbie Russell
      Bobbie RussellDirector of IT Training

      Bobbie is CPS’s expert in IT and computer training. He is highly-qualified, widely knowledgeable and rigorously certified. Bobbie is a test proctor in NetApp, Microsoft and Comptia.

      • Lillian Dunlap
        Lillian DunlapDirector of Inclusion and Diversity Training

        Dr. Lillian Dunlap works with CPS on Inclusion and Diversity projects such as the St. Petersburg Climate and Culture change initiative. She is a powerful and creative trainer with strong international credentials. As Co-Founder of YourRealStories.org, she often brings narrative and theatre into her work

        • Hilton Ross-Munro
          Hilton Ross-MunroVice President

          Hilton works with CPS’s clients to assist in the obtaining of state and federal grants. He is a superb organizer and is responsible for scheduling, follow-up and editing our beautiful manuals.

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