Customized Computer Training in the Age of Complexity

You’re busy and so are your people. Your technology can make you effective or drive you insane. Computer training should fit the needs of your organization, giving your people the skills they need.  In a complex world, there is no generic fix.

How hard is it to embrace complexity? Actually quite simple if you have a 21st century thinking partner.

Bobbie – Computer genius who can teach anyone anything!

On any day of the week, CPS might need to train:

  • Relatively mature people who feel overwhelmed by email, their CRM system, electronic filing and product knowledge data resources.
  • Small companies that need skills to install, troubleshoot and manage their networks.
  • Companies with people who need to gear up on Microsoft software, at varying levels, on different products.
  • Top level tech people – who may want CISSP, Cisco, Comptia, Microsoft or ITILA®, in virtual or instructor-led format.

Computer skills development requires at least a short needs analysis, and a clear understanding of the training outcomes, and what they will look like. Skilled people do this, and train your people on the content they need to know, tailored to their situations, using examples that create real understanding.

There is a scarcity of instructors who know the answer to thousands of questions, most of which have nothing to do with the course they are teaching. Does x conflict with y? How does it sync with z? Can I install a with b? How will it work with this other device? These are the questions where it is critical that the trainer never says “I don’t know.”

CPS is proud to have Bobbie Russell leading our computer training work. There is no question he cannot answer, and his teaching gifts are amazing.  Whether his students are self-styled “dinosaurs” who believed that they would never “get” computers, or IT professionals, Webexing from Afghanistan, he achieves the desired results, and more.

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