Five Training Needs

CPS often notices trends in what organizations are asking for in affordable, customized training. At the moment, these include:

  • Tech and more tech: Here, we’re seeing a changing audience. Bobbie used to be treated as a deity: now trainee groups are getting more casual and confident, especially on organization-specific, multi-device systems and apps. Cross generation mentoring is finally a reality.
  • Critical and creative thinking: People hunger for these skill-sets. There are often gaps in learners’ sub-skills, and even senior trainees want more, especially with interactive exercises. Younger trainees say: “Why didn’t anyone teach us this in school, or even tell me that there is a supercomputer in my head?
  • Core management/leadership skills, especially management teamwork: This keeps arising as an area of need. Management/leadership training still lags from the recession.
  • Individual managers want training in  managing across generations and cultures. There is also interest in conflict management those who must coach, give feedback, evaluate, recruit, on-board etc. GenX and Millennial managers who dislike conflict find this especially helpful.
  • Sales training never goes out of fashion. At least one in nine working Americans lists sales as the most significant part of his/her work.
  • Our long-term favorites: inclusion, cultural fluency, diversity, exporting, supplier diversity and culture change: anything to do with differences is in great demand. One look at the future demographics of the USA, or the future of world economic opportunities, explains why.
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