Training: How to facilitate great learning experiences

Train-the-trainer learning experience.

This provides trainers with a refreshing review of key learning issues, games, plays, materials, and everything that is required for interactive, engaging, “can we do some more?” learning.

It is easy to feel a bit stale as a trainer. It’s a give, give, giving job.

It’s often hard to engage people in training. They love good training (and stay with companies that offer great training) but let’s face it. They have seen a LOT of bad training. At first, they are going to say “Meh! – training? More of the same old, same old?”


Trainers who keep learning about training have a deep passion for, and understanding of the way that learning works. They retain an endless interest in ways of making learning interactive, engaging and truly distruptive.

My father (a training manager) said: At the end of good training, the learner looks at the facilitator and says “Wow s/he is so good.” But at the end of a great learning experience, the learner hardly remembers the facilitator’s name because s/he is so busy thinking “Wow, I am so good!”

This highly-interactive program trains exactly that: how to facilitate great learning experiences. And how be able to do so again and again, because you know how and why every little piece of the process works.

Content? We write and prepare any content required for you so that you can run with dozens of subjects, each one interactive and learner-centered, engaging and innovative. See some ideas.

Call me at 813 598 9184 or email me at, and let’s discuss how you, or your training team can be refreshed and even more effective than you are already. We can do this training in any place, at any time.

You won’t be sorry. And you and your people will say “Wow, I am amazing.”

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