How long will your top talent stay? 28 months (Harvard Business Review)

How long will your top young performers stay with your company? The Harvard Business Review has the time frame: 28 months. 95% are browsing new jobs.

A. Why? Two reasons:

1. They don’t feel they are getting enough training and coaching.

2. They don’t feel that they are getting enough mentoring.

This new twelve-year study confirms what we’ve known all along. Train both your managers and your talented newer staff, or lose them. offers calculations of the costs of turnover on your bottom line, (see website) and multiple suggestions on the best topics for training.

B. “Yes but…” -> “if only.”

Yes but… you’re too busy, you’re not sure what training to give them, you need to guarantee sustainable competency-based learning…

->If only….you’d found a way train them, coach them, or found someone who could make it all happen, or someone had organized workforce training funding or delivered good answers with lasting results. (But now that talented young person has gone.)

This cohort often wants management training, diversity training, cultural fluency or technology training. They want team skills, critical thinking, project management, sales or intrapreneurship. There are other common desirables, almost always skills that will make them more effective and productive for your company.

They will also be more productive if you fulfill their need for development. You will create emerging managers who are growing with your company, who understand your industry, your customers, your evolving products and services, and your brand.

Please email/call me or email/call Hilton at for a no-cost consultation on answers on how to retain your talented young people. Hilton’s phone number is 813 598 9180.

Glynis Ross-Munro
President: CPS / Competency & Performance Solutions / 813 598 9184
Director: Tampa Bay International Business

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