In a world of global trade, intercultural management and international placements, everyone needs to understand cross-cultural fluency. CPS staff have worked with about 100 countries, and train local and international business people in the nuances of culture.

This includes USA culture, settling into a new USA placement, and preparation for foreign assignments. CPS helps train the USF/SBDC International Trade Certificate.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions have a high rate of failure, especially bottom-line losses. Studies show that these comes from a lack of integration at team and group cultural and identity levels. Even small cultural differences between very similar organizations can lead to significant conflict, loss of valuable staff, and low cooperation between segments of the newly-formed organization.

CPS has long experience of working with M&A transitions, and with other intra-organizational conflicts, such as inter-departmental co-operation problems. Contact us when people are not working well together. The results will show on the bottom line.

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