Reach & Engage Your Mobile Customer

Your customers live on their phones. They expect available, tailor-made solutions their needs and problems, at the touch of an icon.

Quick facts:

  • Certain demographics are more focused on mobile than others. Nearly 60% of all Latina/Hispanic women use their smartphones for nearly everything, including business transactions.
  • Smartphone penetration of the 15 – 35 age bracket is about 80% or higher.
  • More than 75% of Asian Americans have smartphones. African-American users outstrip Caucasian users by more than 10%.
  • Apple and Android platforms reach over 90% of your market. Blackberry & Windows phones make up the last 6 – 7%.
  • Florida is one of the 10 most mobile states.  (Maine is last.)

SourceToad and RedCell Technologies offer expert advice on ways to provide a great business experience for your customers in a mobile world.

Industry experts show how to get your customers to interact with your business via their phones and tablets. The seminar provides in-depth information on creating interactive relationships with your customers – not simply resizing your website to fit phones and tablets.

Explore how customers can find you quickly, connect easily, and navigate your business effortlessly through mobile technology.  Bring your questions, on anything from infrastructures, platforms, security, maintenance, measuring application effectiveness, costing, etc.

Sourcetoad is a long-term sponsor of startup weekends and known for their willingness to shares their vast knowledge of world of mobile communication, software and business.

Venue:  Sourcetoad/RedCell Training Center, 9051 Florida Mining Blvd. Ste. #105, Tampa, FL 33634 (Close to  Tampa International Airport. Map.

Date: Completed.

Requests for repeat seminars will be considered.


Greg Ross-Munro, CEO of SourceToad. Visit to see some of SourceToad’s projects.

Greg has implemented major mobile projects in retail, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, marketing, professional services, education, the military field and other areas. The winner of multiple business awards, a WaVE mentor and a long-term StartupBus All Star, Greg willingly shares his vast knowledge of world of mobile communication, software and business.

Tennyson  LaJeunesse, CEO of RedCell Technologies.

Visit to see some of RedCell’s projects. Tennyson has implemented major projects for cruise liners, healthcare, hospitality, public and private education, etc. Tennyson shares RedCell’s huge experience of hardware and software in wireless and mobile communication.


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