In-House Business Training

Training is essential, with many benefits:

  • Soft skills training (personal growth, team growth, leadership skills) is increasingly important to businesses. Your employees are seldom going to learn business writing, customer service, delegation or conflict resolution in college.
  • So where do they learn those skills? Realistically, (1) you pay big bucks for well-rounded, experienced staff, or (2) you train them, or (3) you have employees without key skills.
  • Training raises productivity, improves sales and customer service, refines strategy, retains staff, and builds effective teams.
  • Group training fixes systems, resolves conflicts, builds teams, and removes redundancies.

CPS’s Modular, In-house Training :

This training provides business and interpersonal skills that your staff need for business success.

Who is this for?
Small to medium sized to departments of large companies looking to improve the soft skills of their employees. The topics include personal growth, team skills, leadership skills and customer-facing skills.
How does it work?
This is designed for in-house groups to train themselves, with CPS support, but we can do it for you for an additional cost. CPS trains and supports one or two group facilitator(s) for every module. Your facilitator(s) can be anyone in your business. This is included in your inexpensive package.
What is the process?
  1. You schedule  2 hours per month for training.
  2. We meet with your facilitator(s) before each  module (which is 2 hours), and bring you the notes, Powerpoint/Keynote, games etc., and to go through the material. Facilitator(s) can practice the module, with two CPS people as participants.
  3. We send you a reminder 1 week before each module, with a draft alert email for your participants. This includes a 15 minute pre-work exercise that prepares your people for the session.
  4. The consolidation post-work is done as a hand-out or on-line, 72 hours or more after the module. (The span of short term memory is 72 hours.)
What does a module look like?
Each module begins with a pre-work. The group session is 2 hours and is designed for demanding participants including executives, Millennials, engineers, and technologists.
The work focuses on a number of learning points or competencies. These are highlighted in the accompanying notes and in a PowerPoint.  The session is completely interactive.
The learning emerges from engaging discussions and group activities. The activities include charts, complex games, quizzes, plays, jigsaw trainings, improv etc. These lead into consolidations.
We are more than happy to show you completed examples that have impacted the culture and processes of award winning companies.
How much does it cost?
$60 per employee per month for training or something like that. We help companies to complete CareerSource funding requests for free.

What about personalized case studies or plays, pre-pay discounts etc?
Let’s talk.
How do we get started?

Or phone: Glynis: 813 598 9184 or Hilton: 813 598 9180

Example of a 12-module training program:

A 12 module program looks like this (12 x 15 minute pre-works + 12 x 120 minute sessions, + consolidation):

Twelve Modules Details of content:
Three modules
  • Understand your team members and customers’ Social Styles. 
  • Playing to Your Strengths, and building on your key strengths in your work.
  • Kicking a Bad Habit: Eliminating a destructive work habit from your career.
Three modules
  • Working in small teams  and assessing team trust, functionality, goals. 
  • The Company as a Team. The business as a big team, and your best team roles.
  • Team Communication. How well you really communicate and where your skills let you down.
Three Modules


  • Operational Leadership. Delegation, direction and support.(Suitable for an off-site or group class)
  • Strategic Leadership (Suitable for an off-site)
  • Tools for critical thinking and problem solving
Three Modules
  • Everyone is in Sales
  • Writing in business
  • Customer Service and Metrics


  • Inexpensive and quick.
  • It can be run by any in-house staff member. CPS provides full support and training (or runs the module).
  • CPS provides all training materials and end-to-end support for the training facilitator(s).
  • CPS recommends in-house, peer-based training because of its effectiveness. CPS can facilitate the training, but if you do it yourself, you learn to train new hires too.

CPS Certifications:

WBE State of Florida
W/MBE Hillsborough County
W/MBE Hillsborough County Schools

Certifications have beneficial tax implications, and also allow you to comply with the laws governing the percentage of W/M/DBE vendors you should use. Millennials particularly approve of meeting these standards.

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