Strategic Training Decisions

Five Decisions for Your Training Strategy

Decision One: Train or don’t train? The research is in. If you want a competent, engaged workforce, you need training on an on-going basis. Your people expect you to care enough to grow them. And your customers expect well-trained staff too.

Decision Two: Train hard skills, soft skills or both? The simple answer is both. Perhaps you are making widgets, designing software, or using tools and equipment. Perhaps you are improving staff engagement, teamwork, productivity, or leadership. Either way, your people need relevant training.

Decision Three: Focus on content or method? Answer: method. Today’s learner needs interactive, interesting learning experiences that involve games and activities. The old days of PowerPoint plus lecturing have gone.

Decision Four: E-learning or instructor-led training? Answer: It depends. Many basic processes can be trained by e-learning. When it comes to complex, conceptual, or team-oriented processes, you’ll get better results by putting people together with a good instructor. Consider peer-led learning groups equipped with detailed, custom-prepared material for your organization.

Decision Five: Train single sessions or programs? Answer: Programs. “One-and-done” training seldom gives good results. Even if your training looks like it should be a single session, add a pre-training exercise and a post-training consolidation to make it into a program.

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