Race and Inclusion

C-PSolutions has been working with thousands of people, training inclusion and awareness of unconscious bias. This work includes a four-hour, highly interactive class called “Introduction to Inclusion,” which includes the engaging exploration of subtopics.

Subsections include short modules on LGBT, Gender, Generations, and People with Disabilities. Details at https://cp-solutions.thinkific.com/courses/inclusion-an-introduction.

Race and Inclusion is a stand along separate module on this. It is at https://cp-solutions.thinkific.com/courses/race-and-inclusion.

There are stand-alone modules on Sexual Differentness, Gender, Generations, Culture, People with Disabilities and others available.

Other recommended module:

Critical Thinking

Popular modules:

These, and many other programs, are available for audit, instructor-led or blended training, etc.






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