Simon PhillipsManaging Partner

    Simon Phillips is CPS’s Managing Partner. He is an experienced performance management and development professional, who specializes in enterprise-level competency development.

    Simon has a Masters in Education from Purdue University. He has a wide range of relevant skills, including content development, facilitation, and company and customer planning and management. He is creative and innovative, with a gift for performance and process improvement.

    Simon is profoundly logical — a powerful and rigorous thinker who is undeterred by complexity or ambiguity. He is a strong problem solver and works his way unerringly to achieve lasting solutions to complicated business problems. CPS’s clients are the beneficiaries.

    Mr. Phillips has been responsible for many kinds of supervisory and management training and coaching, and he has a strong eye for systems and compliance. His thinking is always toward long-term quality maintenance and improvement, and includes the underlying structures and systems that ensure change and improvement are permanent. His solid grasp of all things technical ensures that improvements are state of the art.

    CPS is deeply grateful to have a partner like Simon, who shares completely in our long-held vision and values. We look towards a positive future in which he guides the company with his vision and skills.

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