The GenY Intellectual Property Issue

The GenY / intellectual property issue.

As holiday gifts are opened, many young people will receive computer flash drives which are embedded into jewelry, key-chains, pens, voice recorders or other Millennial Generation day-to-day accessories.

The sparkling pendant hanging around your employee’s neck may hold four gigs of any information… including corporate or customer information.

This is a concern for companies with retention, trust or loyalty concerns, because your GenYs are members of a generation which has a different approach to information.

They grew up on the internet, and sometimes regard data as a type of public property. Their lives, moods, activities and photographs are shared by a few hundred friends on Facebook.  “Intellectual property” can sound sooo like some Microsoft litigation thing. Many GenYs have at least one Linux t-shirt, and “everyone” knows that open-source is cool.

Top companies customize GenY training programs.

Some organizations are still grumbling “when are those kids going to grow up,” but many top companies have grasped that 80 million GenYs are largely “who they are” and going to stay that way . The Millennial generation is not going to change many of its core characteristics. These organizations’ strategic plans deal with that reality, and they are creating training and management which meets the needs of all generations. (Seriously, it’s not that hard to do!)

If you train GenYs, take a look at reports on the UPS /Virginia Tech Integrad project for inspiration. If you look past the bells and whistles of the Saddle Brook NJ program, you will see the usual principles of good GenY training.

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