At CPS, a strong philosophy directs everything we do.

  • Training does not mean giving people a buffet of information and then telling them to pick out anything that they find helpful from a mass of information.
  • Training means knowing what people need to learn, and fulfilling that need.
  • Once CPS identifies what you are looking for, we focus on it, structure it and make it relevant and interesting before training even begins.
  • Our job is to know what your people need to learn.

CPS is not your typical training company.

  • Our trainers, consultants and instructional designers are all highly educated and seasoned in their fields.
  • We have a strong foundation in competency-based training, which leads to results-based outcomes. This means that the results of learning will be visible on the job, long after training
  • Our courses are designed to motivate participants to learn through interactive and engaging material and activities.
  • Our instructional designers create custom solutions. At CPS, we believe that all clients are unique.
  • We have an expertise in international, diversity and multicultural training. Our instructors bring lifetimes of experience from around the world.

Glynis, you are truly an inspiration. ‘Your whole life comes alive when you have the courage to follow your dream, to create change and to do what is right over what is easy…’ Debra J. Ellis, US GTS/ITS Financial Services Sector

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